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January 2023

Tunnel Radio Communication System – Power Tunnels

in 2023 MTI Tech Ltd completed the commissioning of a 10Km Tunnel Radio Communication System in South London. The radio system has been designed to give critical voice radio communication system across all four of the headhouses, the tunnel shafts, and the underground network of power 3m diameter tunnels.



The radio system will provide National Grid & key contractor personnel with crystal clear voice communications in all areas of the tunnels, shafts, and the surface headhouses. All voice transmissions are recorded locally on a server, with the radio user, date and time stamps also recorded. The system includes an emergency alarm and man-down features.

Each headhouse is connected by a fibre optic ring to provide full redundancy. Fully manageable Cisco switches were deployed in each radio system cabinet.

All alarms from the four different headhouses are monitored from a central control room desk, all provided as part of the tunnel critical radio system. A voice dispatcher was installed as part of the system.

Tunnel Radio Communication System Details

  • 10Km of specialised radiating cable, along with DC blocks, RF splitters, and directional couplers.
  • 24 x Motorola DP4400e portable radios with intelligent chargers.
  • Voice Dispatch station with voice recording capability.
  • IP Network with redundancy.
  • Surface coverage communications.
  • Emergency and man-down features.

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