Base Controller

The TunnelMESH Base Controller is a locally hosted on-site solution that provides VoIP, tracking, environmental monitoring, and telemetry connectivity. The controller product can be supplied as a portable solution or a fixed cabinet – both are contained in robust enclosures to protect the internal equipment. The Base Controller also includes voice recording and playback, which is vital in an emergency, or incident situation.

Power can be provided to the controller either by a generator, an internal battery, or locally supplied AC mains.

Additional LTE or 5G connectivity can be integrated into the TunnelMESH Base Controller for additional underground or surface applications.

Short/Medium Term Hire

The TunnelMESH solution is available to purchase or is available to hire for a short or medium term, to provide a temporary and quick to deploy confined space communication network. TunnelMESH has been deployed on tunnel inspection projects, railway temporary workings, tunnel track upgrades, tunnel refurbishments, mine inspections, and many other projects.

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‘As mine manager I am really pleased with this system, it has given us an upgrade from 4 fixed points of communication to full radio coverage over 5 km. of our main travelling road. In addition enhances safety by giving our control room visibility of the position of each radio. We have facility to see man down and lone working and have conversation recording for incident analysis. The system is fully extendable away from the fixed node network by use of the portable tripod nodes, so if we are working away from our travelling route we are able to take communication with us. The possibility of extending the system and adding data transmission is a real plus. This takes us from a very limited system into the 21st century. Installed in two days; with any other system we would still be planning the cabling over 5 km.!’

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