Mine Communication Systems

MTI Tech engineers have over 20 years combined in designing, deploying, and supporting mine communication systems all over the world. Mine communication technology has evolved very quickly with mines now become fully autonomous, and reliant on high bandwidth and low latency ICT networks underground.

MTI have our own leaky feeder system for high quality digital voice communications underground, as well as partnering with Rajant and integrating their Kinetic Breadcrumbs systems into MESH networks. During 2020 we worked with a UK mining operation to deploy TunnelMESH – UK Mine – TunnelMESH System

MineMESH Network Station
MineMESH Network Station
MineMESH Rajant Hawk - Potash
MineMESH Rajant Hawk – Potash

MTI also supply and support ATEX communication systems for mines, including ATEX Group I (M1) for coal mines in the UK and overseas.

  • Coal Mines
  • Potash Mines
  • Gypsum Mines
  • Tin Mines
  • Salt Mines
  • Barite Mines

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