Mining Wi-Fi Networks

Coal Mine Wi-Fi System

Intrinsically Safe Mining Wi-Fi Networks & Switches

In modern operations the requirements for reliable high-speed data communication underground become ever more demanding. Powerful communication solutions enable operations not only to raise safety standards but also to simplify and accelerate processes. All of these applications require a reliable and fast data network infrastructure at the core to avoid bottle-necks.

To accommodate for these solutions, Becker Mining Systems have developed a new generation of intrinsically safe fibre-optic network switches and wireless LAN Routers.

UK Coal Mine Wi-Fi Network

MTI Tech worked with a UK underground coal mine to deploy a number of ATEX Zone 0 / Intrinsically Safe Wi-Fi routers to allow underground workers to communicate underground in potentially hazardous atmospheres using ATEX smartphones and tablets. The investment for this mine will be quickly paid back through improved productivity and safety.

The network can now be easily expanded to included personnel tracking, push-to-talk radio, video cameras, and other productivity and safety applications.

Mining Wi-Fi Network


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