Road Tunnels

Road Tunnel Radio Re-Broadcast Systems

Radio re-broadcast systems provide coverage for the Emergency Services and the Tunnel operators via a Radiating Cable Network (RCN), and usually a network of fibre optic cables / network infrastructure.

MTI Tech Ltd designs, builds, and maintain tunnel radio communication systems that includes emergency services network connectivity, FM and DAB rebroadcast for driver convenience and a FM Voice Break-In (VBI) interface equipment to allows drivers to be warned in the case of an emergency.

RF Over Fibre - Tunnel Comms
RF Over Fibre – Tunnel Comms

Advancement in 4G & 5G technology means that public and private wireless broadband access is now available in confined spaces such as road tunnels.

MTI Tech Ltd engineers have been involved in many of the Road Tunnel system builds and system maintenance over the previous 15 years, including Holmesdale Tunnel, Hatfield Tunnel, and Bell Common Tunnel.


Radio FM Rebroadcast

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