Rajant Breadcrumb Nodes

Rajant BreadCrumb Node ME4

The BreadCrumb ME series provides ultimate portability of Rajant’s network node innovation, bringing the power of multi-frequency access, high bandwidth, and everywhere communications to people and assets that are on the move. These ruggedized BreadCrumbs self-configure for easy deployment and secure coverage across your entire mobile operating environment.

Rajant BreadCrumb Node JR3

The Rajant BreadCrumb JR Series of wireless mesh network nodes are lightweight and portable communications options for edge, body-worn or equipment-mounted applications.

Rajant BreadCrumb Node HAWK

The Hawk, one of Rajant’s newest industrial-grade high-performance BreadCrumb platforms that offer dual MIMO transceivers, up to 1.7Gbps aggregated data rate, higher throughput, and enhanced security performance.

Rajant BreadCrumb Node ES1

Combining Kinetic Mesh backhaul, Wi-Fi access, and Layer 2 switching across interfaces in a single device, it is an ideal solution to expand existing network coverage. It offers the same robust reliability and security of all Rajant’s BreadCrumbs to support IIoT applications used in confined spaces, hard rock mines, tunnels, ports, smart cities, and public safety.

Rajant BreadCrumb Node DX2

The DX2’s small footprint and very low payload weight make it ideal for drone swarms, small robots, remote CCTV, telematics monitoring, and more. Extremely mobile and completely adaptive for both military and commercial applications, its pocket-sized form factor includes a MIMO-antenna system and Ethernet and Wi-Fi Access Point interfaces to enable data, voice, and video applications.


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