Mining & Tunnelling Communication Systems


The TunnelMESH system is a wireless mesh system like no other. System setup in less than 10 minutes, and the self-forming network nodes communicate with each other, each nodes provide the user with a visual indication for easy installation without the need for a technician. Within a tunnel that has good line of sight, up to 1000m can be achieved between wireless nodes.

TunnelMESH extends the digital world underground, enabling voice communications, personnel & asset tracking, video monitoring, live gas detection information, geotechnical measurements, and many other applications

Temporary Tunnel Communication Solution

TunnelMESH nodes can be temporality positioned underground using the tripod version of the TunnelMESH LR Nodes, or alternatively the nodes can be supplied with a custom bracket for installation into the tunnel crown or
on to a tunnel wall for a longer term project.

Permanent Tunnel Communication Solution

MTI Tech also supply a permanent TunnelMESH solution, this solution can provide Wi-Fi, LTE, or 5G coverage underground. The solution can be found in many UK underground construction projects, including mines and tunnels.

Long Range Nodes

The TunnelMESH Long Range Nodes provide the network connectivity underground in a mine or tunnel. The nodes can be supplied in a tripod format for short term confined space entry projects, or on a custom-built bracket for longer duration projects.

Base Controller

The TunnelMESH Base Controller is a locally hosted on-site solution that provides VoIP, tracking, environmental monitoring, and telemetry connectivity. The controller product can be supplied as a portable solution or a fixed cabinet – both are contained in robust enclosures to protect the internal equipment. The Base Controller also includes voice recording and playback, which is vital in an emergency, or incident situation.


“Very exciting recent confined space communications trial with outstanding results. All those involved in con spaces will know that communications are challenging, especially on long traverses. Hard wired systems are good but time consuming in laying out and retrieving. What if we could have a reliable drop and go wireless system that is good for several miles and has the ability to include live stream video and real time gas monitoring to surface? Good communications with the working team in the space are essential to ensure safety and to react quickly if needed and our recent trial was more than we could have hoped for.”

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