ATEX Wi-Fi Network

Becker WRAP Wi-Fi Routers & Network Switches

The Becker WRAP (Wireless Router Access Point) – certified for coal mines / Zone 0 – provides a high-speed backbone for wireless VoIP, seamless roaming of devices, advanced vehicular dispatch systems, process automation, as well as any device which can utilise a wireless, serial or fibre backbone. This system does not limit usage to a single technology, but encompasses migration and integration of many technologies. The IS WRAP unit’s small form factor, weighing less than 5 kg, ensures ease of installation and maintenance.”

WRAP is the primary component in creating the Becker Wi-Fi IS backbone. The internal layer 3 router contains the logic to route all network traffic to the correct interface card or to the correct fibre point. The route of network traffic is based on the rules configured into the router itself. Firewall rules can also be configured to control bandwidth usage of protocols, as well as to provide security to the network. The router configuration allows for “self-healing” capabilities of the network, in the event of a unit failure in the system.

Superb Performance & Versatility

  • ATEX Group I / M1
  • Up to 300 Mbit/s per Access Point
  • Supports all modern networking features, including VLANs / Infrastructure/Bridging/WDS
  • IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n, support for up to 2×2 MIMO
  • Seamless switched roaming
  • Hybrid Wireless MESH

UK Deployments

MTI Tech have successfully deployed and commissioned the WRAP products and systems in the UK, in an underground coal mine.

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