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October 2023

Tunnelling Communication & Monitoring System

In 2020 MTI Tech Ltd were awarded the contract to supply and support a major tunnelling construction project in South East London with a multi-site underground an surface radio communication system, environmental monitoring platform, fixed IP telephones, CCTV for locomotive crossings, and IP network architecture


The tunnel construction project lasted nearly three years and over the three years MTI Tech Ltd supported the client with additional ancillary systems that also connected into the TunnelMESH System.


Leaky Feeder Radio System

MTI supplied and supported over 32Km of leaky feeder cables and amplifiers that enabled underground personnel to keep in constant communication during the tunnelling phase of the project. MTI chose a Motorola IP Connect system to allow each base station to be joined together by fibre or 4G during the fit out of the project. The radio system was the primary voice communication system.

Fixed IP Telephones

IP Telephones were installed at 500m intervals within the tunnel to allow emergency communication from within the tunnel to the tally hut.

Environmental Monitoring System & SCADA

64 x Environmental Monitoring Stations Рeach containing O2/H2S/CO/CO2/CH4/NO2 & SO2   were supplied and maintained as part of the contract, each station was regularly maintained with six monthly interval calibration. A tally hut SCADA system was installed at four of the tunnelling sites to provide a graphical interface of the live tunnel gas readings.

Fixed IP Cameras

High definition cameras were installed at each crossing with recording facilities to ensure record and playback of any incidents.





Tunnel Radio Communication System Details

  • 32Km Radio Communication System Infrastructure & Surface Coverage
  • 180 x Motorola Radios
  • Voice Dispatch station with voice recording capability.
  • IP Network Running VLANs & Fibre Optics
  • 64 x Fixed IP Telephones
  • CCTV Cameras @ Locomotive Crossings
  • 64 x Environmental Monitoring Stations (O2/CO/NO2/CH4/CO2/H2S/SO2)
  • 24 x 7 Telephone, Remote & On-Site Support
  • Wireless MESH Network for Redundancy

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